Friday, February 27, 2015

My plays are interesting, but, I'm sorry to say, they have not been as available as I would like. They are supposed to be all linked, generally, from the template of this blog. Some of the most recent appear at this weblog (and some of those are not truly Quaker) - but, some of the better ones seem to have have fallen by the wayside.

I have been trying to compile them into a single volume that I'd like to make available this summer. This would be useful to all first-day educators, but also useful to anyone who might want to produce Quaker dramas. I would give it away, or give profits to a Quaker organization such as QVS.

Some of the better ones had gone missing, but I seem to have found them. White Feather (the earliest, most basic one) was on the ILYM website, but the rest were here at the Southern Illinois Quaker site, and now it's linked properly (more or less), and I'm working on compiling them.

It's a worthy project, and I'll keep up with it. Fortunately, I have the hard copies. If I have to retype them myself, I will!

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