Thursday, June 02, 2016

Coming - Quaker Plays for First Days 

I'll use this site to keep you informed about the progress of a volume of Quaker plays - fourteen of them, at last count, that have been compiled into a book that will soon be available on Amazon. Proceeds from the books will go to Quaker organizations, perhaps starting with southern Illinois Friends meeting, where we performed eight of them, or QVS.

This volume is now in Proof form and will be changed a little before being published, probably in late July. Some of the plays require proofreading and/or careful rereading (I need help with this, if you are interested), and there is a question of whether I can finish #15 by then or want to include it.

Many if not most of the plays already appear on this site. You can link to several on the template, and more just by following directions which you will find by reading. It is my intention to make document copies to anyone who wants them, anytime, so that people with the intention of using them can simply have a document that they can change; for example, by writing who will play whom on the script. I always found it good and even necessary to change some scripts before actually using them. Feel free to simply copy off of this blog, where you have to, or wait until publication of the book, which will make it easy to copy from and alter. Having the doc file is easiest though; I'd like to find a site that will hold these doc files and make it so people can copy, alter, use.

The cover art is literally Shinto Gate, who plays a role in "Second First Day at the Interfaith," a play here about inanimate objects, and one which is remembered fondly by those who performed them. Ironically the future of the Interfaith itself is as precarious as ever; poor Shinto Gate is on the edge of being bulldozed, but has been on that edge for years, literally. I am now in New Mexico, somewhat removed from the controversy, no longer willing to put in my two cents. These plays speak for me. I look forward to publishing them, and I promise: they're on their way.

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